Our volunteers tell us that one of the best things about volunteering for Villages Clark County is we recognize that your time, your family and your commitments come first. Your volunteer time is scheduled by you at your convenience. Just two hours a week, or even in a month, allows you to help a senior living nearby. Like to travel? Volunteer with us! Your volunteer time is scheduled around your trips.

We have two kinds of volunteers:

  • Service volunteers.  These are volunteers who directly assist seniors by helping in their homes, driving them to a doctor’s appointments, running errands or accompanying seniors to events and activities.
  • Village support volunteers.  Village support volunteers provide assistance with: office support, marketing and publicity, community outreach, becoming a speaker, helping organize and schedule events. Village support volunteers may work on committees and may attend meetings. There are also plenty of opportunities to work out of your home on your computer at your convenience.

Volunteer training and vetting

Interested in volunteering? We offer free monthly volunteer orientation and training. The training is a couple hours and covers safety issues, what makes a good visit, what’s beyond the scope of a volunteer and how to respond to different situations you may encounter. You will have an opportunity to tell us what kinds of tasks you are interested in helping with and to complete the forms for a background check. Check out our website, Facebook and Meetup for dates and times. Sign up on our website by filling in the contact form and submitting it. You will receive our monthly newsletter where you can find more information on volunteer training or contact us via email: infovillagescc@gmail.com.