So Close, But Not There Yet – We need You

 (An open letter to my Vancouver and Clark County neighbors)


Our Village Opening is only about a year away, but we still need your help to get there.  This aging-in-place initiative is so important to the vast majority of us.  We must succeed, because we can’t afford the alternative: assisted living.  Let me outline what we need in order to make our village a reality.  The more who help, the less each must do, and the sooner we can open.

Basically, we need Planners and we need Doers:

We need Planners to build the foundation.   Yes, this is the un-Fun work, but so rewarding.  We need to adapt other villages’ successes in the following areas:

  • Record keeping for volunteers, reference documents, and donations;
  • Business plans for efficient operation
  • Determining specific service boundaries to support potential members/volunteers
  • Securing financial and services support from business and community sponsors (finding grant providers, advertisers, graphics support, and much more)

(Note: We need $20,000 to ensure costs are covered for the first year of operation.)

We need Doers to reach volunteers and members.  We need to triple our efforts to get the word out so that potential members and volunteers (now to build the village, and service providers later) understand and share the excitement about our new village.  We need additional workers to help with:


1) E-media (website, Facebook, other) technology and content; printed media contacts and articles.
2) Printed materials (flyers, tri-folds, posters, etc.)
3) Reaching out to community/service organizations – faith, cultural, civic, educational, health & wellness, neighborhood …wherever you can connect with people you care about.
4) Sponsoring or supporting Village discussions (small or large; home or organization), coffee/chai chats, happy hour or other gatherings to share the excitement of what we are building, together.
5) Contacting discussion attendees to answer questions and encourage their involvement.

 (We need Doers now, and 500+ contacts for sufficient members (5-10% typically join) to start the Village)

So, if you have organizational skills, if you have writing skills, if you have research or technology skills, or if think you have NO skills but simply enjoy people (by the way, that’s also a skill), then you can give back to the community by joining our village team and making Villages Clark County a reality.  See you soon?

John Chapman – Co-Chair, Villages Clark County

Email: // Phone: 407-415-5246 // Web:


“Neighbors Helping Neighbors Stay Neighbors”