Planning Committee – what is it?

Next meeting:  

October 26, Thursday, 10:30 – 12:30.  Location: Camas Public Library

Planning Group Gatherings:  This group of committed volunteers, meets monthly to implement our vision of  “Villages Clark County”.  Utilizing templates refined over many years by others throughout the United States, and more recently by VillagesNW in Portland Metro area (, we have explored the feasibility of implementation and are now beginning the exciting work of developing our Village, right here in Clark County!

We are changing our Meeting to a weekday 10:30 to 12:30 at various Public Libraries around the county.  We wish to avoid busy weekend schedules.  

Just like all volunteer organizations we need others to join us – could that be you?  We especially need:

  • Connectors:  folks with lots of friends and acquaintances.  These folks can help by introducing us to organizations or others who may partner with us to make Village Clark County a reality.  We are eager to learn where we can share our story. Join us!

  • Mavens:  folks with knowledge and/or wisdom to guide us as we develop our program(s), especially social media, marketing, special issues of aging, in-home services, real estate, transportation, social services, volunteer services, grant writing, the list goes on and on.  Everyone is expert in something that will help others age with dignity.  Are you willing share with us?

  • Promoters: folks who have the gift of enthusiasm and who have never met a stranger.  These folks can help us to spread our vision and mission, by sharing through ‘elevator talks,’, ‘latte talks’,formal and inform Village 101 presentations.  Can you help inspire others to be volunteers or donors?  Then join us!