1.  I took my elderly dog, Huntly, to the vet yesterday to check on concerns about his mobility and eyesight. The techs kindly lifted him to the exam table, cuddled him and murmured soothingly as they applied the numbing agent in his eyes. Instruments with bright lights followed as they held him securely in place. I took notes, answered medical and behavioral history questions. Discussed his prognosis. Paid the bill.

For Huntly and for me the clock ticks. On our way home I reminisced about ensuring Huntly’s wellbeing.  There is so much joy in being his companion, provider and caregiver.  We share so much; no relatives, a small circle of local acquaintances, comfortable home, a simple yet comfortable existence that has served us for many years.  And then I wonder – who will be there to help when my mobility and eyesight become compromised?