Concert in the Park? Join us for Evening of Music

You are invited!   A group of us will be attending Vancouver Parks and Recreation’s Concert on Thursday, July 20th.   The Vancouver Symphony will be performing.  The concert is free and open to the public.

The concert begins 6PM, some of us will gather at 5PM to hold an area for us, we will hold your place until 5:45PM, then give it away to neighbors.


Friends and family, Blanket or sit-upon, or very short beach chair, jacket/sweater, snacks to share, money to purchase eats or parking.

RSVP (required): for carpool, or meet up locations.

PARKING NEAR Esther Short Park:

  1. The Vancouver center garage at 601 Columbia St. is $1.25/hour. (This is really close and convenient.)
  2. People can also park along 6th St.
  3. To the north of the Park are several parking lots on 9th and Franklin and 9th and Esther.
  4. People can park off of Columbia St. to the south of the Park, going under the railroad tracks (trestle?) to the west of Warehouse 23 (Used to be The Quay restaurant).
  5. There is a parking lot off of Columbia St. to the north of Warehouse 23, but I don’t know if they are open to the public at that time. They should be if they want people to come to the concerts!!!
  6. Or there is always that available parking space on any of the streets…..