Casual – Chai & Chat (or Coffee)

Do you like to try new cafes and pastry shops?  

Do we have an adventure for you!  We are beginning a exploration of the various independent cafes and pastry shops in Clark County.  Twice monthly we will meet at a different location and sample their coffees, teas and goodies.  Yum, yum!  Perhaps you know of a secret spot that we need to discover as well, share your idea.  We have a list started for the next 3 months, but would love additional suggestions.

10 AM Wednesdays at various Cafe’s.  We are starting a NEW adventure!  We will be visiting many NEW coffee shops during the coming months.  Join Us – variety is the spice of life.

Yum – hot tea!

Save these Wednesdays – see left panel for upcoming events 

We offer opportunities to gather and share a cup of chai (tea) or coffee and chat about whatever is on your mind.  We create community around social situations as casual as tea or coffee.  We want to meet you and hear about your hopes and dreams of a relaxed retired future.

We encourage everyone to attend a Village 101, but some folks just don’t like ‘meetings’, come learn about us in a casual setting.