Villages 101 Talks – Boomers and Seniors can Age in Place.

Everyone is encouraged to attend these informative seminars, bring a friend!  They are casual, small group, interactive sessions to give you an overview and answer your questions.  Here are dates, times and locations for future Village 101 gatherings to discuss the feasibility of a Village Network in Clark County, WA.

Upcoming Villages 101 Talk are scheduled for June 17th, at Cascade Community Library, Conf. Room


Be part of our community

We are actively seeking folks to volunteer for our Planning Committee.

Various volunteer activities need volunteers – this will help us develop our Village.

Non-profit, volunteer, and/or organizational experience appreciated.

See About Us, for details, then Contact Us.

In the News!

Friday the 2nd of June at 9:00-10:00 AM.

Tune in to the American Senior Radio Network (,   Listen as host Jerry Gaule has a discussion with John Chapman and Dannie Anderson, co-chairs of the non-profit Villages Clark County initiative to help seniors age in place in their own homes.  Get the latest status of the Clark County effort and learn about their outreach efforts and volunteer opportunities to help make their village a reality in 2018.


Did you see us in the Columbian?  on May 8th.

We are excited to share with the wider Clark County community our plans for the launch of our virtual village – a plan not a place.