Villages Model-Is Aging in Place Right For You?


June 26th-Vancouver Community Library

Want to learn about a different way to live comfortably in your older years?

Come to learn about the ‘up and coming’ philosophy of living well in your own place for as long as possible. Villages Clark County is a non-profit, membership organization that seeks to involve you in Neighbors Helping Neighbors Stay Neighbors.

Learn about how you can be a part of our growing community of members and volunteers in this brief one hour presentation.

Aging in Place-Villages Clark County

Saturday, June 16th-Camas Public Library 

Do you want to be a part of a growing community of members and volunteers who are working together to help neighbors stay in their homes as they age?

If so, please join us for a free, one hour presentation about Villages of Clark County. Learn how it can provide the resources to help empower people to stay independent and living in their homes.

Fort Vancouver Walk

Join our Villages of Clark County Volunteer Pat Sjolander on a walk June 12th. The group will meet in the parking lot of Who Song and Larry’s at 9:00 a.m. From there, you will walk over the land bridge to Fort Vancouver where you can pick up maps of the area, tour the Marshall House, or check out the Visitor Center. Those who want to can join Pat afterwards for coffee at Savona’s.